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The rental applicant screening landlords want ........
                                                          along with the security renters need!!

Landlord Info Systems now has a convenient, secure, and inexpensive way for ANY landlord to get a complete credit report, nationwide criminal and eviction eviction background check including sex offender information, on a potential applicant before renting to them.

It doesn't matter if you have just one rental home, or a large apartment community, everyone is treated the same, and it only takes just a few minutes online, and you get instant Credit Checks for any Landlord. This is the Smarter more affordable background checks for both landlords and renters.

It provides the landlord a leasing recommendation as well as full access to the applicants credit report and national criminal and eviction search results. It gives renters a more secure way to authorize access to their credit and criminal history, without effecting their credit score, because the applicant is the one requesting the information.

Are you a renter looking for your next home, and want to rent from a private owner?

Tell the owner that you would like to use SmartMove. Other services ask that you provide personal identifying information, like a Social Security number or account numbers, directly on a landlord's application. This means the renter can't control who has access to that information once provided. With SmartMove, your information stays between the you and TransUnion
Only those landlords to whom you grant permission to will have access to your credit and criminal record information. And none of these services will affect your credit score unlike other screening services. LEARN MORE


    Landlord tenant law A choice of who pays .... Landlord or Applicant
    No set-up fees - No minimums - No Contracts - No site inspection
    Actual Credit Report, Not just a Credit Summary
    Secure Online Environment
    Setup an account within just a few minutes
    National Criminal & Eviction Background Check
    National Sex Offender Check

Great for the Landlord

  • Immediate access - no waiting for approval, no documentation necessary
  • Pay only when you use it - no set-up fees, no minimums, no site inspections
  • Use it once a week, month, year ... whenever you need it
  • Instant results - custom report and leasing recommendation
  • The most comprehensive eviction and criminal databases in the industry
  • Easy to read and easy to understand because it is setup by "you" for "your" requirements
  • Joint-tenant recommendations - single recommendation for a group of joint renters
  • There is no lengthy enrollment process-simply create an account and begin immediately
  • Great for private landlords and landlords with a few rental homes.

Great for the Applicant

  • Offers the renter a more secure credit and criminal check when renting from a private party
  • Helps getting a quick approval when home hunting, and your in control
  • Enables you to initiate the request by giving your consent in a secure, online environment
  • Keep your private data private, and authorize only the landlords you choose
  • Only the landlords you grant permission to, will have access to your credit information
  • Because you're requesting your own credit file, it doesn't affect your credit score
  • Your Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Credit Card Account Numbers all blocked out
  • Gives you a lead on getting that rental you want, by telling the landlord they can see your Credit Report, and Criminal & Eviction Background check online within a few keystrokes

Great for the Real Estate Agent

  • Offers the renter a more secure credit and criminal check
  • Real Estate Agents can manage multiple properties from one account
  • Keep your clients data private with this online process, providing results within minutes

These economical products are used by individual Property Managers, Private landlords, Real Estate Brokerages, Agents, Management Companies, and Employers. And with access to millions of credit, criminal, civil, eviction, and tenant history records, and several other useful tools, we can provide just what you need to perform a thorough screening. All at your fingertips, within minutes.

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